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ALUDEX is a higly motivated company in the aluminium profiles market and wants to be an important partner for all its relations. Besides our aim to be a very reliable and flexible player with regard to extrusion and machining of aluminium profiles, we want to do this especially in an environmentally durable and socially responsible way. It goes without saying that our relationship with (and insight in the requirements of) our customers comes first. Thanks to a excellent team spirit, good internal and external training of our employees and the continuous investment in our machinery, we are able to offer an optimal solution for nearly every aluminium application.


ALUDEX is certified according the EN ISO9001:2015 Quality Standard. A copy of this certificate is available here. According to EN-ISO 8402, quality means: All of an entity’s characteristics regarding the capacity of that entity to satisfy expressed and self-evident needs. For ALUDEX, quality means complying with the requirements of the internal and external customers and surpassing these where possible. A good quality therefore, doesn’t only say something about the product or the service that is supplied, but for example also about whether the internal and external communication runs correctly and smoothly, whether the agreements are recorded and complied with, whether the delivery has taken place on schedule etc. Aiming at being just that bit better than another is our principle. As we know aluminium inside out, we can assess our customers’ expectations better and surpass them better as well


ALUDEX is affiliated to the organisation SBB: centre of knowledge for technical mastery. Some of the senior staff in ALUDEX have been certified by SBB to do on-the-job training. An important part of every vocational training is the working experience, the practical side of the training. This so-called BPV can only be done in companies that comply with certain conditions, in other words ones that bear the title of recognised company offering apprenticeships. Only if a student has followed the BPV in a recognised company, can he obtain a diploma. Trainees from various technical courses can e.g. follow a course of Metal working in ALUDEX. Our SBB certificate is available here. For more information about the SBB organisation, please visit www.s-bb.nl.

Aluminium Centrum

Since everything is about aluminium at ALUDEX, we are a member of the dutch "Aluminium Centrum". This national centre of expertise of the material aluminium, is not only an extensive technical database, but is also focused on the promotion of the product aluminium for all existing and new, innovative markets.

General Conditions and Terms

All our quotations, all orders placed with us and all contracts concluded with us, are subject to the conditions of the Koninlijke Metaalunie, which can be downloaded here.