Full-Service in aluminium profiles

We'll take care of it!


In order to increase our added value as an aluminium supplier, we can also assemble (in-house) the semi-finished products. These are mostly aluminiium profiles that have been machined by us, that are then assembled with e.g. plastic parts or other metal components. We'll take care of the complete proces:

  • machining the aluminium profiles 
  • purchasing of other assembly components (e.g. plastic or steel parts)
  • keeping all parts on stock
  • assembly of all parts with the aluminium parts
  • packing according your specs (e.g. in your own packaging material)
  • delivery as agreed (e.g. in Supply Chain)


Thanks to the year-long experience of our team in the aluminium extrusion world, we can be of help to you in a great number of areas. Besides the already described speciality of extrusion, profile machining and assembly, we would be glad to work with you to get to the perfect profile. Sometimes a small adjustment in the design, leads to a better productivity and/or recovery, which means often: better conditions. 

Before you can go ahead and get an aluminium profile extruded, you need to be sure that the profile design actually fulfils its required function. If you need to assess afterwards that the profile doesn’t comply with its defined functionality, then unnecessary costs have been made (e.g. die) and time is lost. Therefore it is important that this goes right from the beginning. We can certainly assist you in this process with our year-long experience in this area. We also have excellent expertise in the functioning of the profile in your semi-finished or finished product. Our profile designers work with the latest CAD software, so whether your design is made as a sketch by hand, or it is a 3D STEP-file, we can always support you.

If you want us to design and produce a new profile for you, please have a look at the procedure on the aluminium profiles page.


 Did you know that....?

  • Aluminium has only been known as a metal since 1825
  • Aluminium was more expensive than Gold at the end of the 19th century
  • Aluminium is the 3nd most common element on earth
  • Aluminium is obtained from Bauxite (8,5% of the earth crust)
  • There is 4 kg of Bauxit Bauxite needed to produce 1 kg of aluminium
  • Aluminium is light, strong, conductive and has endless design possibilities
  • Aluminium can be 100% recycled without any loss of it's quality
  • The production of recycled aluminium takes 95% less energy than obtaining it from Bauxite!